Weirdness out West (Doing the Business Book 3)

Weirdness out West (Doing the Business Book 3)


Apocalypse now! The gags fly faster than the bullets in the third installment of ‘The Godfather’ v ‘Blazing Saddles’ mash-up.

Aided by two intrepid colleagues, the FBI and Daisy Duke, Sheriff Hunter Thompson is hot on the trail of multiple murderers. La Cosa Nostra moderniser Ricardo D’Agostino and his remaining loyal Cugine are searching for a different set of multiple murderers. Silas Marshall and his colleagues at Texan American Telecom (TAT) are merely trying to keep their heads down and avoid detection by either party.
Their paths ultimately converge at ‘The Rolling Thunder Ranch’ near the hamlet of Flugelhorn, TX – known locally as the capital of Redneckistan. It provides an unlikely location for the outbreak of World War III.
On the way to the hilarious denouement the combatants contend with sated but ornery grizzly bears; skunks on a plane; roadkill pizza; feisty nursing staff; abducted Mummies; alien abduction; novel packed lunches; ladyboys; salacious fantasists; paraphiliacs and water canons.
In short, for TAT it was a routine day in the office.