The Health Satori Project

The Health Satori Project


This book is for those who need help to successfully diet, those who are looking for health answers when they keep reading conflicting evidence, and for those who want to engage in thought provoking research about health.

With most diet books authors tend to pick and choose which theories and anecdotal evidence to believe ignoring valid evidence contrary to their personal bias. I stick with science, only recommending what has conclusive evidence and treating nothing as definitive, infallible fact. If authors are recommending actions you don’t have to take for health, it will just make dieting harder and no one needs that.

As a health enthusiast I was fed up with seeing conflicting studies. There are a multitude of problems with diet studies to include self-reporting, not properly isolating variables, and lack of validation. Far too many diet studies produce inconclusive, unreliable results, yet we tend to firmly believe them as soon as they come out.

I used my expert dieting skills to test a multitude of unique, challenging diets properly isolating variables. I validated tests with a wide range of conditions to produce conclusive, reliable support for many health theories. Wouldn’t you know it but many of the well-known theories are not fully correct. This book will change your view on what is healthy through theoretical, clinical, observational, and my experimental evidence.