See Goodreads Friends’ Reading Updates in Kindle for iPhone and iPad (U.K....

See Goodreads Friends’ Reading Updates in Kindle for iPhone and iPad (U.K. Members)


Calling all U.K. Goodreads members! Do you read on your iPhone or iPad using Kindle for iOS? Your Goodreads friends are now just one tap away in the new “Community” tab in the latest update of the Kindle iOS app.

It’s now easy to discover and discuss books with your friends and the Goodreads community, and then get back to reading. This update follows the launch of “Community” in the Kindle iOS app in the U.S. in October and is all part of our commitment to bringing Goodreads features in Kindle to more of our members around the world.

See Your Goodreads Friends’ Updates in the New “Community” Tab in Kindle for iOS

Tap the new “Community” tab on the bottom navigation bar to see the latest reading updates from all your Goodreads friends. To help you find more great book suggestions from people you trust, your friends’ updates also include carousels of books from their Goodreads shelves.

Once you’ve found a new book, add it to your Goodreads Want to Read shelf or check out your Goodreads friends’ ratings and reviews to learn more about it. If you like what you see, there’s no need to wait—you can instantly download a sample and start reading the book, all inside the Kindle app.

Start a Conversation with Your Kindle Notes and Highlights

Since we launched the ability for Goodreads members to share their Kindle notes and highlights, our members have been telling us how much they love it.

Whether you want to bond over a heartbreaking moment or just compare opinions, the Kindle for iOS app makes it even easier to share your notes from your book, and to see the notes your friends are sharing. Your friends’ Kindle notes and highlights will appear in your updates feed and you can also find their thoughts on a specific book on the Goodreads book page. You can find all of your own Kindle notes and highlights here.

To share your notes and highlights with your Goodreads friends, just go into a book on Kindle for iOS, click on the Notebook icon, and decide which notes and highlights to share.

See what your Goodreads friends found most meaningful, funny, or interesting in a book by seeing their notes and highlights.

Access Your Want to Read Shelf Right from Kindle

When you’re ready to start your next book, you can now check your Want to Read shelf right from the Kindle app. Tap “More” on the bottom navigation bar to go to your Goodreads profile and see your Currently Reading, Want to Read, and Read shelves.

You Do the Reading. We’ll Add It to Your Shelves for You

Kindle for iOS also gives you the option to automatically mark each book as “Currently Reading” when you start it and as “Read” when you finish. It’s a great way to ensure every book counts toward your Reading Challenge! Just switch it on, and your friends will see updates each time you start and finish reading a book in the Kindle app. Learn more here.

Ready to Try It Out?

If you already have the free Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad, the latest update to the app is rolling out as part of a new update this week. Or you can download it now.

Do You Read Using Kindle for Android?

The Community tab featuring Goodreads discovery and discussion features will be coming to Kindle for Android in the future.

If you read on Fire tablets, you can access your friends’ updates through the “g” on the homepage of Fire tablets, if you have connected your Kindle and Goodreads accounts. Also, if you read on Kindle ereaders, you can see your friends’ updates by clicking on the “goodreads” icon in the top navigation on the homepage, if you have connected your Kindle and Goodreads accounts.

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