Ready Or Not, 30 Day Challenge, Fat as Fuel: 3 Healthy Cookbooks...

Ready Or Not, 30 Day Challenge, Fat as Fuel: 3 Healthy Cookbooks Super Pack Collection: Over 500 Proven, Delicious & Easy to Make Recipes for Weight Loss & Supercharging Your Health


Over 500 Proven, Delicious & Easy to Make Recipes for Weight Loss & Supercharging Your Health

Ready or Not Cookbook

Do You Sometimes Simply Just Don’t Have Enough Time or Motivation to Make Delicious Paleo Meals? We Got Your Back!

In this cookbook, you’ll find quick, easy to prepare and delicious paleo recipes. You’ll also find out about more about the paleo diet, which foods to avoid and all the great benefits of the paleo diet!
Paleo diet can offer various health benefits if followed correctly. Improved blood lipids, weight loss, and reduction of inflammation, thus reduction the pain of inflammatory conditions, is proof enough. It also has a positive effect on the Type 2 diabetes. According to the studies, Paleo diet can reverse the signs and symptoms of insulin-resistant Type 2 diabetes.
Paleo diet offers some other benefits; another diet can’t. With the Paleo diet, you can forget about calorie counting. Annoying calorie counting is passé. Because of the healthy food, there is no limit.
You can forget the starvation! The protein- and nutrient-rich diet with lots of vegetables and healthy fats last long.

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30 Day Whole Food Slow Cooker Challenge

Over 200 Award-Winning Whole Food Slow Cooker Recipes. Includes a 30 Day Delicious Diet Plan to Lose Weight Easily and Feel Amazing!
The Whole Food Diet has swept the country by storm, and it has already changed millions of lives. It’s time you step on the bandwagon and work towards a healthier and all over better you. The cookbook includes over 200 delicious recipes, pictures for every single recipe, nutrition information and a 30 day easy to follow diet plan.

The kitchen-Tested Recipes Include Only Whole Food Approved Ingredients!

You’ll notice that after the 30 days, you will loose a significant amount of weight and you’ll notice a very noticeable difference in your energy levels. You will have deeper sleeping patterns and better sleep altogether and consequently, you’ll have more energy during the day. Just imagine how would it feel to feel lighter and have more energy to do everyday tasks. Keeping your body free of chemicals, added sugar, alcohol, and man-made fats will noticeably improve how you feel mentally throughout your day as well.

Tired of Feeling Unhealthy and Being Overweight?

So many of the foods we see in stores today wouldn’t even be recognized a few generations ago. We are meant to eat natural whole foods but the sad reality is that many people eat unhealthy junk. Vast amounts of research show that the processed and unhealthy foods are one of the main reasons for cancer, digestive problems, and depression.

Make a Decision and Take Control of Your Health!

It may seem difficult to eliminate some of the most common food products, but you have an arsenal of over 200 delicious recipes at your disposal. The book is carefully designed to change your outlook on food in the long term and to make the diet as easy to follow as possible. We have compiled the best ingredients into recipes that are filling and taste delicious. You’ll feel satiated after every meal, and eating only whole foods means you won’t have an appetite again until it’s time for your next meal. Using a slow cooker makes cooking your meals easier and faster, so your regular life won’t be interfered with. You’ll be amazed to see how conveniently my 30 Day Whole Food Cookbook Challenge fits into your life. Continuing the Whole Food diet will lead to impressive weight loss, increase in energy, better mood and a healthy metabolism and digestive system. If you’re sick of feeling unhealthy, tired and being overweight we promise that if you follow this easy to follow recipes these things will be a thing of the past.

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