Procrastination Cure (Procrastination why you do it, What to do about it...

Procrastination Cure (Procrastination why you do it, What to do about it now, Cure procrastination for good, A self-help guide to beat procrastination)



To begin with, procrastination is a habit of delaying the work because of multiple useless reasons. Therefore, a need arises to find the ways to cure this deadly habit. This book includes the types of procrastination, the causes and how to deal with this habit. Moreover, the techniques used to focus the priorities are also added in here. Further, a massive action plan to optimize energy and time is added in here. The steps involved in this plan are also a part of this book. In the end, habits to overcome procrastination are included to help the individual.

Therefore, this book includes a deep analysis about procrastination. The tips involved are useful to create a happy and healthy life. The life resulted after following these tips will fulfill the life with positivity.

This book intends to provide a detailed analysis of procrastination. This habit is a curse that hinders the individual from achieving the goals. Therefore, this book is an amazing investment, since it provides an insight about how to cure procrastination. The types of procrastination and its cure are included in this book which will immensely enhance the quality of work. This book includes in itself the following points:

•Types of Procrastination
•Distractions: Types, Causes and how to deal with them
•Focusing on Priorities
•Optimizing Time and Energy
•Creating a Massive Action Plan
•Breaking Your Massive Action Plan into Steps
•Habits to overcome procrastination for good

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