Motivation: Self Motivation & Courage (Self help, Courage, motivation, helping)

Motivation: Self Motivation & Courage (Self help, Courage, motivation, helping)


Use These Powerful Tips on Self-Motivation & Courage

This book has helpful and insightful information on how to excel in life by unleashing the full power of motivation and courage.
The circumstances surrounding my dropping out from college were such that I had no immediate control over. Ten years after I dropped out from college, there was a void in me which nothing seemed to fill until I went back to pick up my academic pursuits from where I left off. All I wanted at first was to go back and complete my college education, but once I found myself back on my feet, reunited with my books, I could not stop until I got a degree. Going back to school after such a long time and going all the way to get a master’s degree wasn’t all that easy, but I found the right motivation to keep push-ing until all my academic dreams had come true.
As I finished my master’s degree at Texas State Uni-versity, this book reflects all the different feelings and emotions I was going through that helped me achieve my goals.

In this book, I have outlined the same principles and strategies I used that helped turn a college dropout into a master’s degree holder.I hope you enjoy it!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Positive Attitude: How It Influences Our Life’s Greatest Pursuits
  • Invest In Yourself
  • Work on Building Stability in Life
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Face Your Fears
  • And Much, Much More!

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