Learn Spanish with Stories (B1): ¿Me voy o me quedo? – Spanish...

Learn Spanish with Stories (B1): ¿Me voy o me quedo? – Spanish Intermediate (Spanish Edition)


James is a young English man who is really obsessed with studying Spanish. Not only does he want to learn Spanish: he wants to be Spanish! He gave up drinking tea and now he only drinks coffee, sangría and red wine; he is learning to dance flamenco by watching videos on YouTube, has only paella and tortilla for dinner and sleeps siesta every day. No wonder people in the village think he is completely crazy!

¿Me voy o me quedo? is a short story specially written for students with an intermediate level of Spanish. It will help you learn, revise and consolidate the vocabulary and grammar of level B1.

Learn Spanish by Reading

This book is carefully designed to help learners revise and consolidate key vocabulary and key grammar structures of intermediate level of Spanish (B1) by reading a naturally flowing text.

Reading short stories like ¿Me voy o me quedo? is one of the most effective and pleasant ways to learn a Foreign Language. By reading, you can learn vocabulary and grammar structures in context, without memorising lists of isolated words or studying endless grammar rules.

Vocabulary + Audio + Online Exercises

Each chapter comes with a list of the main vocabulary used, online exercises and the audio of the story read by the author himself!

However, ¿Me voy o me quedo? is not just a book to learn Spanish. It is a funny, witty, enjoyable and engaging story. A story that will capture your attention from the beginning and, hopefully, will make you smile.

I wrote this story in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum in which UK decided to leave the European Union. As a European citizen living in the UK for more than 20 years, I was deeply worried by this result and I wanted to write a story about the experience of being an immigrant and the stereotypes we all have about “the others”.