500 Personal Growth and Development Quotes: Unlimited Value Education

500 Personal Growth and Development Quotes: Unlimited Value Education


Personal Growth and Development are the cornerstones of a new earth. Everyone has different minds with different imagination so we process things in a different manner. So in terms of learning and applying a lot of us will have a better time processing information from different teachers. As a Personal Growth connoisseur, I have picked 24 of the Personal Growth Authors among hundreds who I think have separated themselves as the greatest leaders in the Self Improvement and Personal Growth industry.

20 quotes have been handpicked by these Personal Growth authors. In order to complete 500 quotes I have decided to add what is uniquely my own 20 Personal Growth quotes which have developed through my Personal Growth experience.

“Take what is useful, discard what it is not, add what is uniquely your own.” – Bruce Lee

Authors include

Napoleon Hill
Zig Ziglar
Jim Rohn
Anthony Robbins
Maya Angelou
Brian Tracy
Les Brown
Paulo Coehlo
Stephen Covey
Earl Nightingale
Louise Hay
Wayne Dyer
Eckhart Tolle
Robert Kiyosaki
Andrew Carnegie
Dale Carnegie
Bob Proctor
Rhonda Byrne
Jack Canfield
Victor Frankl
Maxwell Maltz
John Maxwell
Steve Maraboli
Lao Tzu