40 Ways To Repair Your Computer

40 Ways To Repair Your Computer


40 ways to repair your computer was put together bases on all the questions I received over time. Just about everybody has had that, OH moment with their windows computer when suddenly they need that friend or family member who knows how to repair a PC. Unfortunately I am that friend or family member who used to be in the business and while I don’t mind it would be great if everybody simply maintained their PC and saved us all a lot of trouble. I got to thinking and decided to give you all a few hints on how to keep your computer maintained. I have included getting past your password without software, how to activate hard drives and even how to overcome that dreaded blue screen. An instruction on how to build a computer is included but if you are not a handy man I would recommend having a professional attend to this end of the deal for you. Most Computer retailers will do this for free if you purchase all the components from them. Too often a computer is taken into a professional for something so small you could have fixed it in a few minutes at home. This little book will resolve all these little issues for you and help you maintain your computer without calling the experts every 5 minutes. Instructional video links are included to make it easier to complete specific repairs in some cases.